An extraordinary life starts with self care.

Discover three simple actions you can take right now to positively impact your body, mind and life.

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There is nothing wrong with you. You don’t need to be “fixed”.
It’s total nonsense.

There are whole industries dedicated to making you feel less than, confused, and broken, causing you to suffer. Yet the cause of suffering is never the situation itself, but your thoughts around it.

That’s what makes the difference isn’t it? Our disadvantages, ailments, and series of unfortunate events make us feel stuck, like we just got dealt a bad hand and are doomed for life. Yet, we hear of others that experience similar, or worse, and somehow use it to propel forward. How? Change the perception, change the situation.

I know it’s easier said than done, but the good news is..

It CAN be done.

That is where I come in.


A whole new perception that opens up the world of endless possibilities.

You’re not broken. There is nothing wrong with you. Like most people in life, you’re just stuck in the vicious cycle of negative thoughts, generational traumas, and bad habits – all stemming from limiting beliefs you might not even know exist.

3. Healing begins with awareness

2. Awareness begins with self-care.

1. Self-care begins when you DECIDE to say “YES” & evolve.

Because if you’re not evolving… you’re just repeating

My mission is to empower women and men everywhere to build healthy habits by improving their relationship with food, exercise, their mind and body.

I’m Rosemily, a Mind Body Coach, specializing in helping men and women struggling with self-identity, and emotional and physical health heal their relationship with themselves, food, movement so they can lead joy-filled, meaningful and healthy lives.

It starts with becoming aware of yourself, respecting your body and its unique needs and creating harmony in your life so you can thrive.

I can help you reset your mind, transform your body, and heal your soul without the fad diets, crazy detoxes or intense cardio.

Self care programs that work for you.


Working together one-to-one, I can help you develop the systems, support and accountability to transform your life and find the lifestyle, diet and positive self care habits that work for you. The truth is, healthy living doesn't have to be hard.


Bespoke corporate packages and programs enable both individuals and teams to find balance for their personal health and happiness and professional success and productivity – meaning you have a happier, more productive and focused workforce.


Using my signature RTH Method, I guide a community of incredible women to develop the systems, support and accountability to transform their lives all in a safe space where we share, inspire and empower.


Working from the comfort and privacy of your own home, at your pace, my online RTH Program provides a step by step process that will take you from suffering to healing and teach you to love your mind, body, and soul.