I’ve come to realize the secrets to a healthy and happy life are much more simple than we allow it to be. Simple habits added into our every day busy lives that support us in feeling and being the best possible version of ourselves.

Not only do I know these secrets to be life changing out of personal experience, but also from the many clients I’ve had the honor and privilege of supporting on their own life transformation. Improved marriages, raises and promotions, to lowering A1C’s and reducing stress and emotional eating. All by applying 3 simple concepts:

That is exactly what I want to share and inspire you with during my blog: A whole lotta practical steps to reclaim your health and live powerfully.

If you find yourself constantly in a negative headspace, whether that be frustration, stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, or just finding yourself complaining and being your worst bully – this is for you.

If you find yourself emotionally eating, addicted to sugar or salty snacks, or getting on the next fad diet, this blog is for you.

If you find yourself disconnected from yourself, unsure of your passions or identity, this is for you.

Why? Because that is all part of my story. I went from crying in the shower every night to getting incredibly clear that life is too precious to be spent on auto-pilot. I finally took back the remote to my own life, pursued my passions, and now get the privilege to help clients step into their own power and create meaningful, vibrant and healthy lives.

I can look at my life and feel the utmost pride, joy, peace and fulfillment. To think that a little self-care helped me do a complete 180, it sounds crazy! It helped me learn that putting myself first meant I got the opportunity to give the best of me to the people I love most, not what was left of me.

If I can get even just one person to take small steps towards their self care, than these blog posts are worth it, whether it was through delicious recipes, mindset empowerment, relationship support, health related news and so much more.

So sign up if you feel moved to, and get ready to add health and happiness, through a little of self-care.

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