Health & Wellness Events - because if you're not evolving, you're just repeating.

You’ll hear about:

– The impact of toxins on your body

– How quickly toxins get absorbed into your body

– Products you use daily causing harm

– Toxins to steer clear from

– High performance Non-toxic products

– Testimonials


– Meet Pure Haven’s CEO Miranda Inglis

– Win giveaways

– Enjoy a light brunch

– Be in community with like-minded individuals


Join this seminar to learn the truth behind the significant impact water has on your health while understanding that not all water is created equal. You’re going to learn shocking truths about water that will change how you choose and drink this liquid forever.

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to enjoy this talk and be inspired to start feeding yourself like a champion!

Our guest speaker is Dr. David Phillips. He is a former All-American swimmer who specialize in Sports Medicine. Graduate from Harvard University, ER Physician, collegiate athlete, Ironman Triathlete, and qualified as a member of Team USA at the 2008 international triathlon Union World Championships.

He will share his knowledge, wisdom and personal story of how you can over come disease and injury with a rock solid nutritional foundation!

Join us virtually or in-person at the Ridgewood YMCA for monthly topics varying from mental health to physical health! Questions?


  • Break up with Self Sabotage (April 12th, 2023, 7-8PM)
  • Intuitive Eating in Practice (May 10th, 7-8PM)
  • The Ugly truth About your Water (May 10th, 7-8PM)
  • Caffeine – The Good, Bad & Ugly (July 12th, 7-8PM)
  • Eliminating Procrastination (August 9th, 7-8PM)
  • Overcoming Insomnia (September 13th, 7-8PM)
  • Environmental Toxins & Your Health (October 11th, 7-8PM)
Joining in person? Arrive at 6PM for a free bootcamp with Celebrity Trainers Travis Sample and Asher Matthew!!!

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