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My favorite self care items all in one place. These are items that my family and I use in our daily routines. It’s like I say, healthy doesn’t have to be hard: It’s about finding natural solutions to everyday challenges that make us FEEL GREAT!



Supplementing protein is especially important for those who live a vegan lifestyle and that’s why doTERRA also offers an option for those who require plant-sourced protein. doTERRA Vegan Protein contains 21g of a protein blend of sources such as pea, brown rice, pumpkin seed, sacha inchi, and flax seed. When eating a plant-based diet, it is important to consume protein from a variety of sources to receive a profile of all 20 amino acids and that’s exactly what doTERRA Vegan Protein delivers. Each serving of doTERRA Vegan Protein also contains 7 grams of fiber to help manage appetite and is sweetened naturally by monk fruit and stevia.* doTERRA Vegan protein is formulated without GMOs, gluten, and soy.

  • Premium protein blends
  • All-natural flavors, sweetened with monk fruit and stevia
  • Well-balanced amino acids profile necessary to enhance energy and increase stamina*
  • Helps control appetite* Provides the body the necessary nutrients that it needs to produce ATP*
  • Supports muscle growth and recovery*
  • Free from GMO, gluten, soy, and RBST hormone
  • Vegan friendly (vegan formula)

  • With pure, plant-sourced, and nourishing ingredients, doTERRA Greens supports healthy immune function, digestion, weight management, and energy.* A mix of superfoods are packed in doTERRA Greens to provide you a nutritious boost. One scoop of doTERRA Greens powder provides the nutritional equivalency of approximately one to two servings of fruits and vegetables.* Key ingredients include moringa, acai, cabbage, collard greens, dandelion, kale, parsley, spinach leaf, alfalfa, barley grass, oat grass, pineapple, mango, gojiberry,as well as Lemon and Ginger CPTG essential oils.*

  • Provides the equivalent of 1–2 servings of fruits and vegetables
  • Good source of dietary fiber*
  • May support normal metabolism*
  • Natural, Non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan friendly
  • Neutral mixed berry flavor ideal for smoothies and DIY concoctions

Healthy Habits Kit
(Save $65)

Making healthy choices is much easier when you have a routine. With bestselling doTERRA essential oils, blends, and supplements, the Healthy Habits Kit gives you support as you walk the path toward a happier, healthier you.

  • doTERRA Balance®5 mL 
  • Tangerine 5 mL
  • Deep Blue®Rub
  • Lavender 5 mL
  • Frankincense 5 mL
  • doTERRA On Guard® 5 mL
  • DigestZen TerraZyme®
  • PB Assist+®
  • Microplex VMz®
  • xEO Mega®
  • Alpha CRS+®